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A lovely litter sired by GRCH Infinity's Dzien Dobry JH "Dobry" and out of our Bliss was born January 10, 2018 at Dark Water Labradors. Be sure to check out the photos of this litter on the Dark Water Labradors website.  Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes in early March.

Puppy inquires should be directed to Justine at 810-510-0965 or darkwaterlabs@gmail.com

Additional questions may be directed to Jeanine via email or phone at 586-915-5766


We do not have yellow or chocolate puppies and will not have any upcoming litters containing yellows or chocolates anytime soon.

If you are looking for a Labrador, you may wish to check out the HRLRC Breeder Directory for other local breeders who may have puppies or older dogs available for placement. Or, consider contacting a Labrador rescue organization such as 3rd Coast Labrador Rescue to look for your next companion.

Please read through the information below if you are considering purchasing a puppy from us.

~Our Breeding Philosophy~

We are a small hobby kennel usually produing only one litter per year. We do not breed just to sell puppies. Careful thought is put into each breeding to find compatible sires to breed to our girls. We only breed if we are planning to keep a pup for ourselves so please do not ask us for the pick puppy. We realize most of our puppies will not grow up to be "show dogs" but rather much loved family members, outstanding companions, and hunting partners. Check out the "Bred by Us" page to see some photos our puppy buyers have taken of their Labs they acquired from us.

We urge you to take time to research whether a Labrador Retriever is the right breed for you. Keep in mind Labradors can be large, energetic and friendly. Many are powereful, determined chewers so be sure you are prepared to provide lots of acceptable chew toys and bones to satisfy this urge (else, they will find alternatives that you may not agree with!). When left to their own devices, they will also find ways to entertain themselves such as by "pruning" plants in your yard, "gardening", and digging holes so be prepared to spend time interacting with a Labrador family member so that their energy can be channeled in a positive way.

There is no such thing as a non-shedding Labrador. Labradors will shed year round and usually have two bouts of major shedding a year. There are lots of wonderful resources available at your local library and online to help you research Labradors. Should you have any questions, give us a call or email us. We promise to “tell it like it is” as we want to be sure our puppies are placed in homes where families understand the positive and negative aspects of having a Labrador family member.

All of our pet puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration.

~Health & Rearing~

All dogs in our breeding program have Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) hip, elbow, and cardiac clearances as well as yearly eye exams by a certified canine opthamologist. We may also elect to perform genetic tests on our breeding stock for EIC (exercise induced collapse) and PRA (progressive retinol atrophy; Optigen test). We do our best to help ensure healthy puppies are produced. However, dog breeding is not an exact science; there is no way to completely guarantee the health of any animal.

All puppies born at Endeavor will receive the same quality care regardless of whether they will be staying here with us or going to a companion home. We socialize all our dogs so they are well used to being loved and handled. They are born and raised in our home so are exposed to "comings and goings," have been around other dogs, and have heard common household sounds such as televisions, phones, vacuums, etc. They will also be introduced to bird wings before leaving for their new homes as well as been exposed to crate training.

Puppies will be micro-chipped, receive their first vaccinations at six weeks of age, be dewormed, and have opportunities to play outside (weather permitting) before going to their new homes at approximately 7-8 weeks of age. Puppies come with a warantee as well as helpful information regarding raising and training your Labrador. We are available to answer any questions our puppy buyers may have regarding raising and training their Labs.

Should you be unable to keep a puppy acquired from us, we request the dog be returned to us so that we may find a suitable home for it.


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