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Ribbons, Ribbons and MORE Ribbons!!!!
What to do with all those show ribbons you've won?  Need creative ways to display ribbons?

I have often pondered what to do with the hundreds of ribbons my horses and dogs have won over the years.  So, I have compiled this list of suggestions.  If you have any additional suggestions and/or photos you would like for me to add, please email them to me and I will add them to this site.

Use them to create a border around a room instead of using wallpaper.  You can purchase wood moldings (approximately 1-2" wide) and attach to your wall a few inches down from the ceiling.  Washers or other "spacers" may be desired to create a gap between the molding and wall to make it easier to hang rosettes.  You may wish to stain the wood to match your decor.   If you have a bunch of flat ribbons to display, use push pins or double-sided tape to attach them to the board.
Ribbons on net

Hang on a net or lattice attached to your wall.

Hang ribbons from furniture. . .
Valence ribbons

Adorn curtain rods, valances, etc.
(Notice qualifying flat ribbons are hung from the
center badge on rosettes)

and cabinets. . .
  • Hang small quantities of ribbons on cork boards.
  • Create a scrapbook for flat ribbons.  You may also choose to cut off the center streamer of rosettes and include this in your scrapbook.
  • Picture frame accents-hang rosettes on your wallhangings including framed title certificates.
  • Hang rosettes on lampshades around your home as well as various pieces of furniture.
  • Hang ribbons in a frame:

    Frame made by
    Crunchy Leaf Wood Designs
  • Fill a glass end table, lamp, or cookie jar with ribbons.
  • Shadowbox frame memorable ribbons.Check out this design from J & J Dog Supplies
  • Accent Christmas tree--those gigantic rosettes make wonderful tree toppers!
  • Fill large clear glass containers such as cookie jars or apothocary jars with your ribbons and display on a table, mantle, or shelf

    Sew them into stuffed toys:

    Created by: Ribbon Ponies by Melissa Melissa also makes quilts and belts from ribbons.
    Be sure to check out her website for samples of her work.
  • Ribbon "wallpaper" can be created by sewing flat ribbons together.  This can also be the beginning of a quilt.
  • Use the ribbons to create unique gift wrap.
  • Create a border around title certificates or photos.
  • Hang ribbons on a rack like the ones made by Ribbonmate
  • Need a pennant or banner for your club for a parade?  Use those ribbons to make it!  Create a border using ribbon streamers and/or use the streamers to make applique letters.
  • Sew the streamers into a quilt to create items such as a wall hanging, bedspread, throw pillow, curtains, table runner, crate cover. . .the rosettes can also be used to adorn such items.

This lovely pillow was made for Dr. Bonnie Anthony of Robnie Labradors
to celebrate the many Best of Breed wins in 2006 of
SR BISS CH Sunspot Lace Em Up JH WC

Want to have someone do the work for you? Check out these custom tote bag and quilt designs by Mia of DriDudz. Mia also makes pillows, lampshades, evening bags and calendars from your ribbons.


If you are looking for some patterns, try Ribbon Rehab. They have some photos of items created using their patterns here.

This lovely quilt was made to commeorate the wins this young lady had from showing her horse.  Also included on the quilt were photo transfers.  This is from an article that can be found at :

Wall Hanging

Is this your wallhanging?  Is so, please let me know so I can give proper credit.


From www.doberman911.org    Check out their site to support Doberman rescue!
ribbon rosette quilt

Another lovely quilt shown on www.doberman911.org

  Check out this photo gallery of quilts for more quilt ideas.

If you simply choose to store your ribbons:
--Store in shoeboxes, footlockers, etc. categorized by dog, event, show/trial giving organization, etc.
--If you prefer a high tech "storage" method, scan your ribbons into graphics files and store them electronically.

If you've decided you just don't need any more ribbons. . .

--Donate them to 4-H clubs, school classes, YMCA's, day care centers, etc.  You could also set up mock shows/trials for kids and award your ribbons to them.
--Donate ribbons back to show/trial giving club if the ribbons do not have dates on them.

**Remember you may want to keep important ribbons that commemorate earning points and/or legs in case there is a discrepancy later on.

**Do NOT wash ribbons--the printing may wash away too!

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